[Setup] Re: Plone 2.1.2 on zope 2.8 on debian (testing) not appearing in Add menu

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Tue Apr 4 09:01:53 UTC 2006

Arnór Kristjánsson wrote:
> ok, I did that. Now the directory structure looks like this:
> -- 
> dannifannar:/var/lib/zope/instance/default# tree -L 1 Products/

> 30 directories, 2 files
> dannifannar:/var/lib/zope/instance/default#
> -- 
> Still nothing appears in the zope management console... any more  ideas? 

Hello Arnor,
    Just to check, you've got your /var/lib/zope directory, in there 
you've got instance, in instance you've got default?

    I'm a little confused where your Zope instance actually is, and this 
could be your problem.

     Is your Zope instance in the directory /var/lib/zope/instance?
    Or is it in /var/lib/zope/instance/default ?

    The Zope instance should have all its stuff together. So the 
directory where it lives should contain Products, Extensions, bin, etc, 
var, log and others.

When you start zope, doing a zopectl start, if you cd into the bin 
directory where zopectl is, from here, a ls ../Products should show the 
same list of products you posted.

If not , that would explain the problem. It seems like it might simply 
not be seeing the Products directory.

You might double-check ownership and permissions of 'Products".

You might also look in log/event.log , and check for errors on start-up 
that give a clue.

Make sure zope is starting in debug mode before you check the logs.

Hope that helps,

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