[Setup] A few issues that hope for easy fixes...

Chilly darke_wolfe at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 4 07:31:37 UTC 2006


Mainly, I am having problems with:

1.)setting permissions that allow pasting to folders/subfolders set up in
the main Navigation menu (I can't paste to them even as an admin and I may
need Members to be able to),

2.)setting criteria in Smart Folders to display what I am looking for
(Keywords seem to have no affect at all),

3.)and assigning Categories (via keyword or form) to content that are
readily available to each user but are the same throughout the entire site.

I need to accomplish the following:

-Multiple user with own folders
-Content managed by them
-Assign categories (preferably by form, but keywords will do) to content
----Categories should be recognised globally by the site
-When "Publish" is selected, the content should either move to the folder
that corresponds to the category, be pasted by the user, or show up in the
appropriate Smart Folder's search (again, criteria should be managed by the

I have tried multiple methods over this past week, and though I'm new to
Plone, I am determined -- I would just like to keep what little hair I have
left... ;)

For the Category option, I attempted to use Portal Taxonomy, but the
Category Manager wouldn't work -- and the #import examples line in _init_.py
was already un-commented as far as I can tell. Any help here would also be

I appreciate any advice/help/miracles any of you may have to offer!



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