[Roadmap] Plone Roadmap Team Members Wanted!

Jon Stahl jonstahl at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 22:39:10 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone-

In May 2012, we published the first "user-friendly" version of the
Plone Roadmap at https://plone.org/roadmap, and written by our
first-ever Roadmap Team, consisting of:

Martin Aspeli
Geir Bækholt
Mark Corum
David Glick
Matt Hamilton
Calvin Hendryx-Parker
Laurence Rowe
Hanno Schlichting
Jon Stahl

The vision for the Roadmap Team was that this initial team, which was
recruited/appointed by the Plone Foundation board, would evolve into a
self-perpetuating community-owned team that would revise and update
Roadmap not less often than once per year.

It's time to make that happen.

Several members of the "2012" Roadmap team are going to stay on,
including Martin, Matt, Calvin and myself.  We'd like to recruit at
least 3-5 more members who are willing to serve in this important, but
low-key role.

The Roadmap Team's job is to articulate the medium and longer term
vision for Plone--in contrast to the Framework Team and Release
Manager, who govern the process of deciding what gets into each
release.  The core task for the Roadmap Team in 2013 will be to review
and update the existing roadmap document to take into account what
we've accomplished recently as well as our evolving ideas about the
Future of Plone.

Roadmap Team members need to have a solid history of engagement with
the Plone community.  While technical skills are certainly helpful,
we'd also like to have Roadmap Team members who can bring us diverse
perspectives, such as those of users and large customer segments (e.g.
education, government).  We'd also like to see some crossover with the
current Framework Team and core developer community.   Most of the
work will take place in the first half of 2013.

If this sounds like something you can see yourself contributing to,
please drop me (jonstahl at gmail.com) a line with a brief introduction,
why you're interested, and what skills/experience you can bring to the

On behalf of the Roadmap Team,

Jon Stahl

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