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Ramon Navarro Bosch ramon.nb at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 10:49:22 UTC 2012

Hi guys,

I've been pushing plone.app.multilingual since the last years and now is in
a more mature situation working fine on DX and AT. You can take a look at
the actual status at :

After some discussion with catalan plone guys we thought about integrating
it on plone core. I know that LinguaPlone hasn't been on core and that
multilingual sites are 50% of plone deployments, but there are some points
we consider it makes possible:

* The language viewlet is on plone.app.layouts

* The content language implementation is in the core of DX and AT

It's like there is half of the lingua solution on the core and the rest on
external products. P.A.M. is developed respectfull with all the system, the
worst part is patching the catalog...

I was following the begining of the roadmap document and I saw that
multilingual was on it ( now I can't find on the final document ), also I
see that multilingual is one of the 7 Plone differenciators.

What's your opinion ? I know there should be a PLIP process... but I
thought asking the roadmap team first.


Ramon a.k.a bloodbare
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