[Roadmap] the 'old roadmap' and Google

David Glick dglick at gmail.com
Mon May 7 19:36:43 UTC 2012

On May 7, 2012, at 12:28 PM, Matt Hamilton wrote:

> Jon et al,
>   When you do a Google search for 'plone roadmap' you get the 'old roadmap' as the first result:
> https://dev.plone.org/roadmap
> As the new roadmap is an iframe from Google Docs I don't know how well it will fare in the search results compared to the old one which has been around (I guess) since we started using Trac 10 years ago. I presume it will eventually be more popular as more links come in to it over time.
> Obviously we want someone who does a search for 'plone roadmap' to get the nice new shiny one we have produced. esp. given the previous thread on trying to make sure this one is the most 'obvious' one so as to prevent confusion from people catching point-in-time snapshots presented in presentations and talks.
> Do you think it would be possible and/or desirable to either remove the old page at https://dev.plone.org/roadmap and redirect to the new one or put a very large and obvious bit of text and link at the top of that page to point to the new roadmap. Do people still use the Trac Roadmap? Is it useful? Could it be somehow renamed to something more appropriate? e.g. 'progress' or 'status' or something that better describes it than a roadmap?
> -Matt
> PS. just to avoid any confusion I am asking for discussion and opinion on this suggestion, I am not asking it to be executed without agreement it is a reasonable idea

The old roadmap is basically a list of PLIPs for each version. How about renaming it to "PLIPs"? (And include a link from it to the official roadmap.)
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