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Mark Corum mark at plone.org
Mon May 7 08:01:14 UTC 2012

The announcement has been up since about an hour after the posting.


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On May 7, 2012, at 3:52 AM, Matt Hamilton <matth at netsight.co.uk> wrote:

> Great work! This feels so good now that this is out in the open. I think the tone of it is just right - high level, but with a bit of technical info in there to reassure that there is sound engineering underneath and this is not just a vacuous marketing document. 
> One point I have just noticed on reading it all the way through again is the say some features right at the start are 4.x or 4.3, but later in the PLIPs section say they are in 4.2. Eg Plone.app.theming and new collections UI.
> Also, if you've not already seen it, Massimo did a great presentation of WPD on the roadmap. It's in Italian but could be good basis for further presentations:
> http://www.slideshare.net/massimo.azzolini/wpd-2012-roadmap-plone
> Once we have an announcement up on Plone.org I will get in touch with Real Story Group and JBoye to update them.  
> -Matt
> On 6 May 2012, at 11:04 PM, Jon Stahl <jonstahl at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The roadmap is now live at http://plone.org/roadmap.  I have checked
>> in updated frontpage and navigation links, waiting on deployment now.
>> Mark is writing a news item--thanks for the last minute reviews.
>> Note that I made the executive decision to publish as an iframed
>> Google doc snapshot of our working draft.  Google Doc>HTML was evil.
>> We can continue to edit the roadmap in in the background and republish
>> when we want to.  Since there is now a published snapshot, I've locked
>> down the original so that only us roadmap team members can view/edit.
>> Thanks again for all of your excellent work on this--and especially to
>> Martin for pounding out such a great first draft.  It feels really
>> great to have this out in the wild.
>> I think we should plan to circle back on this towards the end of 2012,
>> and will make a note to initiate a conversation.  Obviously, please
>> don't hesitate to bring up any issues in the meantime for discussion.
>> cheers,
>> jon
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