[Roadmap] let's get unstuck

Jon Stahl jonstahl at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 21:50:38 UTC 2012

Calvin, David, Geir, Martin, Mark, Matt-

(Holy Plone braintrust, batman!)

We made a collective promise to the community at PloneConf to draft
and publish a real roadmap for Plone.  We've made some progress, but
we're stalled out close to the goal line.  This is one of those tasks
that I think is really important for the health of the community--they
are counting on us to articulate where Plone is and where it's going
over the next few months, so that they can focus their efforts and
communicate clearly to potential Plone users + customers.

Martin has done an all-too-typical bang-up job at putting together
what I think is a really solid draft.
 It's time for us to review/comment/edit... even if you think Martin
has totally 100% nailed it, we need to know that.

I'd like to propose that we all commit to reviewing and commenting by
Friday, March 23, so that we can circulate a "discussion draft" to the
broader community no later than April 1, with some time for us to have
a conference call in sometime in there if we find we have any
difficult issues to resolve.

Does that feel like a workable deadline?  How are you feeling about
the overall effort? Are there other process steps you think we need?
I'm happy to do anything I can to move this forward.


Jon Stahl
MPA Candidate, Evans School of Public Affairs
University of Washington

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