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Martin Aspeli optilude at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 08:07:13 UTC 2012

+1 to what Mark said.

Where is the most appropriate place to publish this and ask for review?

What polish do we feel is necessary?


On 23 January 2012 04:31, Mark Corum <mark at plone.org> wrote:
> The original impetus behind the roadmap was a request from marketing
> to have a document we could point people at who wondered where Plone
> was going.  It was something I raised with the board about a year and
> a half ago as something we desperately need for folks looking at Plone
> as a potential CMS for their business or organization.  The
> development of Plone.com has made the need even more immediate.
> I've read over Martin's initial draft again, and think it could serve
> that need with just a little polishing / simplification for folks who
> aren't Plone insiders and familiar with all these issues/terminology.
> It is very easy for this kind of thing to become a "boil the ocean"
> project involving many people on many levels, and which is therefore
> difficult to ever get where people feel it is ready to share.
> Speaking for myself, trying to put together a public face for
> marketing Plone, simple is better than complex, small is better than
> big, and something useful now is far better than something amazing and
> awesome and as thick as a book two years from from now.
> I think we would be better served by doing some easy updating to the
> document to give us something for Plone.com, and to share with users
> and developers to give them a sense there IS a plan for Plone's
> future.  The lack of a plan lends an air of being in "maintenance" or
> "bug fix" mode - something that gives credence to postulation that
> Plone is in a slow downward spiral.
> At some point the kind of planning team which was put into place still
> make sense. But the actual planning and logistics involved in
> execution is far beyond the scope of just a document. Right now, we
> need the document.  We don't need a detailed twenty year map -- we
> really just need a compass heading and some stops along the way so
> people know if it is a trip they are interested in coming along on.
> Mark
> On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 6:05 PM, David Glick <dglick at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 1/19/12 2:54 AM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>> Is anyone else getting the feeling this ain't working?
>>> We made a big noise about this team, had three meetings, and since
>>> then nothing. I think we need some leadership and coordination at the
>>> very least. Until my children sleep more than three hours at a time,
>>> that won't be me, but I hope someone can step up, since right now we
>>> all risk looking like assclowns ;)
>>> I have tried to at least progress a roadmap through
>>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rZFoR34G0vDy8oxM4jrRP3dPc_7qolghAwNtYZ4udLs/edit?hl=en_GB,
>>> but apart from a tiny edit by Geir, there's been no response. Perhaps
>>> it's not clear what we need to do, in which case we need to figure
>>> that out quite quickly.
>> I am also worried by our lack of progress and about how we appear to those
>> looking on. But unfortunately I cannot be the one to provide leadership; I
>> think my skills are better used actually pushing forward on implementing
>> pieces of the roadmap.
>> I did look over the document Martin drafted and think it's a really good
>> start. Thanks for that, Martin.
>> David
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