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Mark Corum mark at plone.org
Mon Jan 23 04:31:58 UTC 2012

The original impetus behind the roadmap was a request from marketing
to have a document we could point people at who wondered where Plone
was going.  It was something I raised with the board about a year and
a half ago as something we desperately need for folks looking at Plone
as a potential CMS for their business or organization.  The
development of Plone.com has made the need even more immediate.

I've read over Martin's initial draft again, and think it could serve
that need with just a little polishing / simplification for folks who
aren't Plone insiders and familiar with all these issues/terminology.

It is very easy for this kind of thing to become a "boil the ocean"
project involving many people on many levels, and which is therefore
difficult to ever get where people feel it is ready to share.
Speaking for myself, trying to put together a public face for
marketing Plone, simple is better than complex, small is better than
big, and something useful now is far better than something amazing and
awesome and as thick as a book two years from from now.

I think we would be better served by doing some easy updating to the
document to give us something for Plone.com, and to share with users
and developers to give them a sense there IS a plan for Plone's
future.  The lack of a plan lends an air of being in "maintenance" or
"bug fix" mode - something that gives credence to postulation that
Plone is in a slow downward spiral.

At some point the kind of planning team which was put into place still
make sense. But the actual planning and logistics involved in
execution is far beyond the scope of just a document. Right now, we
need the document.  We don't need a detailed twenty year map -- we
really just need a compass heading and some stops along the way so
people know if it is a trip they are interested in coming along on.


On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 6:05 PM, David Glick <dglick at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1/19/12 2:54 AM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> Is anyone else getting the feeling this ain't working?
>> We made a big noise about this team, had three meetings, and since
>> then nothing. I think we need some leadership and coordination at the
>> very least. Until my children sleep more than three hours at a time,
>> that won't be me, but I hope someone can step up, since right now we
>> all risk looking like assclowns ;)
>> I have tried to at least progress a roadmap through
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rZFoR34G0vDy8oxM4jrRP3dPc_7qolghAwNtYZ4udLs/edit?hl=en_GB,
>> but apart from a tiny edit by Geir, there's been no response. Perhaps
>> it's not clear what we need to do, in which case we need to figure
>> that out quite quickly.
> I am also worried by our lack of progress and about how we appear to those
> looking on. But unfortunately I cannot be the one to provide leadership; I
> think my skills are better used actually pushing forward on implementing
> pieces of the roadmap.
> I did look over the document Martin drafted and think it's a really good
> start. Thanks for that, Martin.
> David
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