[QA-Team] [Plone-developers] Plone 4.1 soft-released

Dylan Jay djay at pretaweb.com
Sun Jul 31 01:54:52 UTC 2011

On 14/07/2011, at 5:07 PM, Hanno Schlichting wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 2:18 AM, Dylan Jay <djay at pretaweb.com> wrote:
>> We've just done a large site upgrade and noticed that a subset of the
>> redirectiontools redirections have gone missing.
>> We're not sure if it's migration code related yet as we're still
>> investigating. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
>> We ran a linkchecker on the site before and after and got 105 extra
>> broken links.
> There's two things that could be related here:
> - We migrated the UID index to a new type which won't allow duplicates
> anymore. If you had duplicate UID assignments the upgrade will warn
> you about them.
> - We've rewritten the logic that apply the resolve_uid transformation
> (converting such links to render as normal links using a path instead
> of http://somehost/resolve_uid?uid=abc-def)
> We didn't touch the redirection tools data structure at all.
> If you compare the data structures, they should still be the same.
> You'd have to look at some of the new broken links to find a pattern.

Slowly unravelling this problem and it appears to be neither of the  

We have a bunch on relative urls in our content.
e.g. ../../documents/guidance/NSW_appendix_Compliance_Enforcement%20.pdf

In plone 3 this was left to the browser to resolve and that resulted  
in a link like
"/documents/guidance/NSW_appendix_Compliance_Enforcement%20.pdf" which  
in turn has a redirection associated with it

In plone 4 the cooked body has a absolute link to
This fails as there is no redirection for this link.

I'm not sure which code is to blame here but it looks at the moment  
like the transformation of relative urls in plone 4.1 is assuming the  
base is a folder not a page which seems like a wrong assumption.

> Hanno

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