[Product-Developers] collective.z3cform.datagridfield: weird behavior of Date fields

Héctor Velarde hector.velarde at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 00:53:56 UTC 2014

hi there!

I have a Dexterity-based content type similar to this one:

from collective.z3cform.datagridfield import DataGridFieldFactory
from collective.z3cform.datagridfield import DictRow
from my.content import _
from plone.autoform import directives as form
from plone.supermodel import model
from zope import schema

class ITeamItem(model.Schema):

     team = schema.TextLine(

     date_start = schema.Date(
         title=_(u'Start date'),

     date_end = schema.Date(
         title=_(u'End date'),

class IPerson(model.Schema):

     full_name = schema.TextLine(
         title=_(u'Full Name'),

     teams = schema.List(
         title=_(u'Teams affiliation'),
         value_type=DictRow(title=u'teams_row', schema=ITeamItem),

when I create the object, the date widget of the table is not working: a 
row is added when I click the calendar image and no date is filled on 
the field; no JS errors on the console.

on editing mode, the widget works normally.

any hint?

this is Plone 4.3.2, collective.z3cform.datagridfield 0.15 and, as you 
can see, I'm inheriting from plone.supermodel and not from z3c.forms.

by the way, I saw a hack on collective.z3cform.datagridfield_demo that 
could be related with this:


best regards
Héctor Velarde

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