[Product-Developers] Solgema.fullcalendar CI is broken

Héctor Velarde hector.velarde at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 17:14:18 UTC 2014

On 30-04-2014 13:54, ajung wrote:
> UI testing is only half of the game. Testing a package against against the
> Plone versions that it is supposed worth is one part of the medal, the other
> side are tests against optional dependencies that are supposed to be
> supported e.g. plone.app.event with the variants for Archetypes and/or
> Dexterity. In my recent tests I run into issues with in combination with
> plone.app.event and its Dexterity support:

HV> yes, I totally agree with you and I think the current story of 
plone.app.event, plone.app.contenttypes and plone.app.widgets is a 

I just finished implementing plone.app.event on a project and it drove 
me mad that a version (1.1) that is supposed to work with Plone 4.3, is 
depending on an alpha release of a package that is supposed to be aim to 
Plone 5.0 (plone.app.portlets = 2.5a1).

that's why I'm concerned and that why I've been repeating again and 
again that we need to stop a little bit on this run to Plone 5 and think 
about integrators, current deployments and future migrations, and not 
only on developers.

we should decide what to do and how to tests our projects and add-ons; 
fortunately, using Travis this is not difficult to solve.

I've been doing all my best on my free time to improve the quality of 
all the add-ons we are using on our projects, but I can't do anymore 
right now.

let me know if you, or somebody else, are willing to invest some money 
on this.

best regards

Héctor Velarde

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