[Product-Developers] status of newsletter packages

Paul Roeland paul at cleanclothes.org
Tue Nov 5 13:31:17 UTC 2013

On 2013-10-30 20:01, Dylan Jay wrote:

> I also agree that we need internal solutions. Gov don't like paying for
> extra extra services and there are things singing and dancing can do
> that mailchimp can't like collect Plone content togeather and send it
> automatically. 

Basically, what is needed is a 'newsletter' product that creates a HTML
mail, as solid as possible regarding css, and then sends that off to
*one* email address.

That address should be the one of your favourite mailinglist provided,
be it Mailchimp if you have no privacy requirements and a lot of money,
or something like Sympa if you run in-house.

Mailing list handling (bounces, load balancing, rate limiting etcetera)
is *hard* if your list is non-trivial in size. And not something we
should solve. Yet creating the mail itself is definitely useful.


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