[Product-Developers] [ANN] collective.cover 1.0a4 almost ready

Héctor Velarde hector.velarde at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 15:58:09 UTC 2013

collective.cover is a package that allows the creation of elaborate 
covers for website homepages, especially for news portals, government 
sites and intranets that require more resources than a simple page or 
collection can offer:


we want to make a new release of collective.cover in the next hours.

we have fixed a dozen of bugs and added some new features:

- major refactoring of collection and carousel tiles
- major refactoring of package vocabularies
- image and link tiles are now deprecated in favor of a new banner tile 
(tiles' code will be kept until next release)
- styles can now be applied to individual tiles

for the complete list of changes see:


if you are using collective.cover please help us by testing the upgrade 
step from 3 to 4 included in the master branch of the package; remember 
not to do this in production sites but on backed up copies ;-)

if you are a translation maintainer, please update your translation.

if you wanted to test collective.cover, this is a good time to do it 
and, why not, contribute with a translation to your own language.

English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French and Chinese traditional 
are already included!

as far as we know, collective.cover is currently being used in the 
following sites:


among others, and in 2 state agencies in the United States.

are you using collective.cover somewhere else? let us know!

share and enjoy!
Héctor Velarde
cel: +55 (11) 992 701 111
cel: +52 (1) 55 5409 1090

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