[Product-Developers] singing & dancing - zodb bloat

Juan Pablo Giménez jpg at rosario.com
Fri Jul 19 18:16:32 UTC 2013

2013/7/19 ajung <lists at zopyx.com>

> What do you mean with bloat? Which S&D operation increases the ZODB by
> which
> amount?
> How many newsletter etc...without numbers there is little evidence what
> bloat means.
> 50 GB can also mean that you never packed your ZODB.

97% of the zodb are zc.queue._queue.BucketQueue objects, only product in my
site using that is c.singing
in a testing instance, I can't do this into the production site, the only
solution was to hit the "Clear queued messages" and then pack... but that
looks like a bug, because that button clears the "new" and "retry" queues,
and I don't have messages in there.

I was asking if this is an expected behavior or, as I say, a bug... before
starting to look deeper into the code for a fix than is probably not

anyway, thanks for you prompt response
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