[Product-Developers] singing & dancing - zodb bloat

Juan Pablo Giménez jpg at rosario.com
Fri Jul 19 14:44:02 UTC 2013


  I was debugging a zodb bloat, a not that big site with a 50GB DB... after
analyze I found than zc.queue._queue.BucketQueue takes 97% of space... and
the only product in the site than uses zc.queue is c.singing

  looking at portal_newsletters/channels/
newsletter-stats.html there is not new messages in the queue, nor with
error or waiting for re-send, last newsletter is from 12/7... so its
already done some days ago...

  so, why is taking that much space? for what? shouldn't the queues be
cleared by now?

  I do some extra testing in a local instance, and the the space used by
zc.queue._queue.BucketQueue its only freed after doing a "Clear queued
messages" into portal_newsletters/channels/newsletter-stats.html... that
should be safe because our last newsletter was processed a few day ago...
but, thats ok?... should we do that as part of our maintenance tasks?

Best regards,
Juan Pablo Giménez
skype & twitter: jpggimenez
Simples Consultoria <http://simplesconsultoria.com.br/>
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