[Product-Developers] Better "Subject" widget for Dexterity types

David Glick (Plone) david.glick at plone.org
Tue Nov 27 17:20:42 UTC 2012

On 11/27/12 4:43 AM, Andreas Jung wrote:
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> The Subject widget for Dexterity content types (ICategorization
> behavior) currently uses a simple textarea (compared to more
> usable widget for AT types). Is there some more reasonable
> widget/behavior for 'Subject' available?

There are some options in collective.gtags and 
collective.z3cform.widgets (I haven't tried them personally).

>   A more approachable
> solution would be to render the keywords are multi select list
> and use something like the Select2 jquery plugin in order to make the
> widget nice.
That doesn't make it possible to add new tags though.


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