[Product-Developers] New style collections: migration, sub collections?

Timo Stollenwerk lists at zmag.de
Fri Nov 2 13:58:34 UTC 2012

Hi Maurits,

sorry for not replying sooner, I just came home from a vacation...

I wrote the p.a.collection 2.x code for a client and I'm also 
responsible for the nested collection branch.

My plan was to refactor the collection functionality into a behavior, to 
make it easy for integrators to write their own folderish/nested 
collections. This way there would be no need for a nested collection 
branch any longer.

There was a discussion (I think on the UI list) about nested collections 
in the core and we decided against it (just because of the UI problems 
if I recall correctly).

I stopped working for that particular client a couple of months ago 
before I could finish the collection behavior refactoring. I'm not sure 
if they still plan to implement it (because they are currently using the 
nested collection branch).

I would be happy to assist anybody who wants to work on that, but I 
don't have the time to do it myself right now.


Am 01.11.2012 18:29, schrieb Maurits van Rees:
> Hi,
> A few quick questions about the new style collections in Plone 4.2, to
> check that I understand them correctly.
> Unless I have missed something, old style collections are not migrated
> to new style when migrating to Plone 4.2.  Does someone have code that
> would do that?  Perhaps an add-on that I missed?  If not, then I might
> want to create a package for that.
> Sub collections are not possible in the new style.  I guess this is
> because the UI and the logic can quickly get confusing and you do not
> win much over creating a second, separate collection.
> I am guessing that creating a folderish version of the new style
> collections should work though, allowing you to nest them.  Some logic
> would be needed that looks for a parent collection and combine the two
> queries.  That may not be good for Plone core, but are there technical
> reasons why this would not be possible?
> Thanks,

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