[Product-Developers] New style collections: migration, sub collections?

Gil Forcada Codinachs gforcada at gnome.org
Fri Nov 2 11:12:25 UTC 2012

2012/11/2 David Glick (Plone) <david.glick at plone.org>

> On 11/1/12 10:29 AM, Maurits van Rees wrote:
>> Hi,
>> A few quick questions about the new style collections in Plone 4.2, to
>> check that I understand them correctly.
>> Unless I have missed something, old style collections are not migrated to
>> new style when migrating to Plone 4.2.  Does someone have code that would
>> do that?  Perhaps an add-on that I missed? If not, then I might want to
>> create a package for that.
> I'm not aware of existing code to do this, but it would be a nice thing to
> have. Perhaps it would make sense to add to plone.app.collection (as an
> optional thing) instead of a separate package?
>  Sub collections are not possible in the new style.  I guess this is
>> because the UI and the logic can quickly get confusing and you do not win
>> much over creating a second, separate collection.
> Right.
>  I am guessing that creating a folderish version of the new style
>> collections should work though, allowing you to nest them.  Some logic
>> would be needed that looks for a parent collection and combine the two
>> queries.  That may not be good for Plone core, but are there technical
>> reasons why this would not be possible?
> I'm not aware of technical reasons against it. I think the subcollection
> feature was removed mostly because it was confusing.
> David
Actually on freitag.de we have this. We only (if I remember correctly)
changed the FTI to be a Folder instead of a Document in our policy product
and that was it (maybe there are some more subtle changes which I don't
remember right now).

You can see it on:


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