[Product-Developers] know folderish types

Alejandro Pereira alepereira86 at gmail.com
Mon May 28 13:21:24 UTC 2012

> Use IFolderish.providedBy(aq_base(context)) or
> aq_base(context).isPrincipiaFolderish attribute on the item from
> *unrestricted) Python and portal_interface tool from everywhere else
> to check against IFolderish.

This methods are util if context is an object of some folderish content
type. This is not what i
look for. The reason of that is because maybe the site where the code is
running doesn't
have objects yet of some folderish types. What i'm looking for is, in this
case how do you know
what types are folderish? what methodology will be useful to know this if
you haven't yet
create objects of all your folderish types?
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