[Product-Developers] Status of CAS support within Plone (Products.CAS4PAS, collective.castle, etc)

Encolpe Degoute encolpe.degoute at free.fr
Fri May 11 10:32:52 UTC 2012


Didn't I say some years ago it would be simple to work together on CAS
instead of working on several products, did it ?
CAS4PAS was designed for pure Zope2 application then integrated for
Plone 2 then Plone 3 usage. It would be better to write it from start
for Plone 4 with a better separation of Python implementation and Plone
interface. Huh, wait, someone else already did it : anz.cas and
anz.casclient. Nobody make sound about it since eighteen months. It's

You must let CAS4PAS die pacefully and work together to have a better
interface above anz.casclient.

Best regards

Le 09/05/2012 03:20, David Beitey a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I'm in the process of making some improvements to CAS support for
> Plone and have recently moved collective.castle across to GitHub
> (https://github..com/collective/collective.castle
> <https://github.com/collective/collective.castle>) making a good
> number of commits, fixes, and updates (GenericSetup support, use
> plone.app.registry, etc).  Is it possible to obtain the ability to
> release to PyPI and Plone for this?  Otherwise, who should I be
> contacting to make new releases?
> As collective.castle is built off Products.CAS4PAS, I've come to
> wanting to make some improvements and fixes to it as well. The issue
> I'm faced with is not knowing the status of development and being
> unsure where to physically contribute code.  I note that there are the
> following:
> http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/Products.CAS4PAS/
> http://pypi.python.org/pypi/collective.cas4plone/1.0a3
> https://github.com/bsuttor/Products.CAS4PAS  (wasn't migrated using
> git-svn, rather just manually copied)
> currently in existence.  I'd like to propose to migrating this over to
> GitHub's Collective and factoring in the applicable fixes introduced
> in both the fork (collective.cas4plone), and the other on GitHub
> (which is at version 2.1.6), if applicable.
> Can someone involved with the above provide comments?
> Thanks,
> David
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