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Thu May 10 09:11:36 UTC 2012

I am still stuck with this problem.

Here is the sitation:
Plone 4.2. For testing purposes I hacked the default language negoitator
of PloneLanguageTool. self.default_language, self.language and
self.language_list are set to 'fr' or ['fr']. So I would expect
that the complete Plone UI appearing in french. But look at the result
(image attached). The content in the main slot uses EN while the
navigation, breadcrumbs, menu etc. is in FR?! Why the hell is not 'FR'
applied for the content part of the document?


http://plone.293351.n2.nabble.com/file/n7546036/nightmare.jpg nightmare.jpg 

ajung wrote
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> Hi there,
> portal_languages supports to switch the language if there is a language
> code present in the URL path (like /en or /de) - fine.
> This is fine for _anonymous_ site visitors where e.g. the language of
> the forms
> (in particular the extended search form) should correspond with the
> language of the current site tree (english subsite, german subsite etc.)
> For authenticated users (editors) we don't want that behavior. We have
> editors in 20 countries and each editor should use Plone in its own
> native language. We have cases where editors have rights in different
> language sections of the site. So the Plone UI should not switch from
> German to English if a German editors will edit English content - it
> must remain in German. Is there a reasonable approach to implement
> this behavior without hacking portal_languages?
> Andreas
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