[Product-Developers] [Plone-developers] LinguaPlone github status

Servilio Afre Puentes afrepues at rhpcs.mcmaster.ca
Wed May 9 13:51:45 UTC 2012

On Wed, 9 May 2012 09:27:42 +0200, Luca Fabbri <luca at keul.it> wrote:
> So: seems a migration problem!
> Unluckily right now we don't have anymore a place to commit fixes for
> old branch of LinguaPlone. Also in the IRC I get no tips about this.
> Proposition:
>  * we make a form of LP on github
>  * we create add a new branch
>  * we populate the new branch exporting the old SVN 3.x branch
>  * we make a pull request to the original LP project, for adding a new
> branch

If the version you want to make the fix for has a tag in the github
repository, just create a branch that starts at the tag, do your changes
and do a pull request to add the branch.

> We will lose the history,

IMHO, this would only happen with the 3rd option.

> but I think this is better that losing all the 3.x code.

If the whole repository SVN was imported into git, and the git
repository hasn't been garbage collected or packed afterwards, any
commits after the latest tag of the 3.x branch should be there, you just
need to search for it using the reflog and start your branch from that
commit instead of the latest 3.x tag in the git repo.

If the commits are not there, you can just apply them as a series of
patches atop the latest git 3.x tag.

> Can this be ok for you? Better propositions?

I think you already had a good one, but let if know if I misunderstood
or made a wrong assumption about what you want to do.


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