[Product-Developers] Status of CAS support within Plone (Products.CAS4PAS, collective.castle, etc)

David Beitey david at davidjb.com
Wed May 9 01:20:43 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I'm in the process of making some improvements to CAS support for Plone and
have recently moved collective.castle across to GitHub (
https://github.com/collective/collective.castle) making a good number of
commits, fixes, and updates (GenericSetup support, use plone.app.registry,
etc).  Is it possible to obtain the ability to release to PyPI and Plone
for this?  Otherwise, who should I be contacting to make new releases?

As collective.castle is built off Products.CAS4PAS, I've come to wanting to
make some improvements and fixes to it as well. The issue I'm faced with is
not knowing the status of development and being unsure where to physically
contribute code.  I note that there are the following:

https://github.com/bsuttor/Products.CAS4PAS  (wasn't migrated using
git-svn, rather just manually copied)

currently in existence.  I'd like to propose to migrating this over to
GitHub's Collective and factoring in the applicable fixes introduced in
both the fork (collective.cas4plone), and the other on GitHub (which is at
version 2.1.6), if applicable.

Can someone involved with the above provide comments?

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