[Product-Developers] user and content statistics in Plone

Héctor Velarde hector.velarde at gmail.com
Mon May 7 17:08:19 UTC 2012

hi there!

we have a requirement from a couple of our customers on having some sort 
of reporting tool to get information on users and content created by users.

we were taking a look at http://plone.org/products/by-category/report in 
search of what the community has made available, and we found a couple 
of interesting packages that bring some functionality, but not exactly 
what we need.

we are thinking on different views with the first one showing something 
like this:

user    last login   number of logins    number of items created

another view will probably use some functionality from 
collective.googleanalytics and bring that information in the context of 
a user in something like a dashboard, in which we can show how many 
visitors does an user brought to the site and where do they came from.

this information will be generated from different periods like 
"yesterday", "last week", "last month", "specific period" and things 
like that.

we are thinking also on displaying visitor's feedback on content created 
by different users using information from plone.app.discussion and/or 
collective.disqus, in case it is available on the site.

we would like to ask if anybody else is looking/needing something like 
this just to exchange ideas and create a package that could be useful 
for more people.

please feel free to contact me in that case.

best regards
Héctor Velarde

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