[Product-Developers] need help removing portlet through generic setup

Maarten Nieber maarten at usecm.com
Tue Mar 27 09:28:45 UTC 2012


I've been having problems configuring my portlets. According to the 
@@manage_portlets view, I have no portlets in the right column. However, Plone 
reserves an empty space on the right side of the screen for showing portlets.

I installed a workaround (I hacked into the sunburst theme to not show any 
portlets in the right column) but I really need to fix this properly (I cannot 
test the patience of my client too long).

I got the idea of exporting my portlets settings using the export tool. The 
result shows me that there are in fact portlets configured in the right column. 
I edited the xml to the short piece below, which I hope will remove the 

So far, I have not been succesfull, and I'm left with some questions:

- the import tool lets you select the target profile. However, the export tool 
does not let you select the source profile. Does this mean that the export tool 
always exports the config that results from combining all profiles?

- if this is the case, how does one know in which profile to import the modified 
configuration settings?

- I added purge="False" in the root "portlets" tag (see below). Is this the 
correct way to ensure that my piece of XML does not replace the entire existing 
portlets config?

- I added remove="True" to the assignment statements that (I think) assign the 
portlet to the right column. Is this the correct way to remove the assignment? I 
tried importing this into several profiles, but when I check (by exporting 
portlets.xml) the assignments are still there.

Many thanks,

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<portlets purge="False">
 <assignment name="news" category="context" key="/"
    manager="plone.rightcolumn" type="portlets.News" visible="True" 
  <property name="count">5</property>
  <property name="state">
 <assignment name="events" category="context" key="/"
    manager="plone.rightcolumn" type="portlets.Events" visible="True" 
  <property name="count">5</property>
  <property name="state">

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