[Product-Developers] How to display borg.localrole in Sharing tab

David Glick davidglick at groundwire.org
Sat Mar 24 04:15:42 UTC 2012

On 3/23/12 2:11 PM, Marcos Romero wrote:
> Thanks Jon
> I think I didn't explain it right.
> I'm adding principals (users and groups) to existing roles
> programatically via borg.localrole. I'd like those principals to be
> shown under "Can read", "Can edit", "Can review" columns in the
> Sharing tab.
> I don't wont to add new roles there, just to see people who
> effectively have those roles, but not in the native way but via my
> custom adapter.
> I hope this is more clear.
I think the lack of this is a shortcoming in the existing sharing tab, 
and a patch to improve it would be welcome!

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