[Product-Developers] collective.recipe.backup: confused about names of snapshot files

Maarten Nieber maarten at usecm.com
Fri Mar 23 13:25:05 UTC 2012


when you create a snapshot backup with bin/snapshotbackup, it adds new backup 
files of the filestorage to var/snapshotbackups (e.g. 2012-03-23-12-47-20.dat, 
2012-03-23-12-47-21.index, 2012-03-23-12-47-20.fsz) and to 
var/blobstoragesnapshots (e.g. blobstorage.0).

Now I would like to restore a backup (for a certain date) that resides on the 
production server on my local machine, but I do not know which files to pick.

More concretely, my questions are:

- why is the date not included in filenames in var/blobstoragesnapshots?

- how does bin/snapshotrestore couple files in var/snapshotbackups with a 
corresponding file in var/blobstoragesnapshots?

- how can I (as a human being) know which files in var/snapshotbackups go with 
which file in var/blobstoragesnapshots?

- if I copy the right backup files from the production server to the 
corresponding backup-folders on my local machine, restoring the backup for a 
certain date will just work?


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