[Product-Developers] [ANN] New simplified product skeleton for Plone

Alex Clark aclark at aclark.net
Thu Mar 22 00:48:17 UTC 2012

On 3/21/12 4:52 AM, Mikko Ohtamaa wrote:
>         * plone_devstart serves as a development start-up buildout, but
>         eventually these changed should be merged to unified installer
>         so that no separate "installer" for developers are needed. Even
>         in the worst case we should ask people to run "cp
>         development.cfg buildout.cfg" or similar. I don't see we have
>         other barries besides by simply making the default buildout
>         runnable without virtualenv (buildout is broken...). We know
>         what must be done to accomplish this.
>     We had that debate in the other thread, but there are other
>     environment issues that trip people up (e.g. wrong Python, missing
>     libraries) that we need to check too. Maybe buildout could check
>     those (from an extension) of course.
> We have an Unified Installer to take care of those issues and deploy a
> working Python environment. If the installer doesn't care of those
> issues then it is not working.

It does, but it also requires you to download and run the installer. 
plone-devstart (IIUC) is for folks familiar with Python that may be 
comfortable writing code and typing in code at the Python prompt, but 
that know absolutely zero about developing Plone (and all the Python 
packaging knowledge that goes with it.)

The installer handles the case of "get this running now".

plone-devstart is addressing (again IIUC) the case of "check my current 
environment, then let me start working from there".

I don't know if I agree with Martin on how big that sector is, but I 
agree it exists.


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