[Product-Developers] tinycme.xml resource types

Sean Upton sdupton at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 19:58:32 UTC 2012

Okay, so I'm just moving my rant from #plone here, but here goes: is
any one else frustrated that we have to define a tinymce.xml just to
get resource (linkable, container) types listed for hyperlinks?

Does it not seem that this could/should be better done on each type's
respective FTI (e.g. a behavior for Dexterity types that is included
in all the docs/boilerplate defaults -- one that opted the type into
being linkable, and if a container, listed as such in the final
resources considered by Products.TInyMCE)?

ITinyMCEResourceTypes is an awfully crude interface anyway -- I don't
want to get rid of it, but there needs to be some better way to get
this config to TinyMCE without all the boilerplate of tinymce.xml.  Or
maybe we just need linkable-by-default convention-over-configuration
and the ability to blacklist types instead of whitelist types as
linkable, containsobjects in control-panel?

What can be done to make this better for add-on developers -- less
boilerplate and such?  Ideas to make this less tedious welcome.  I bet
there is a backward-compatible way to make things easier, too.  Maybe
if some consensus emerges, I will try to implement something in
experimental forks of Products.TinyMCE and pitch it over on


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