[Product-Developers] [LinguaPlone/plone.app.multilingual] Creation of "in-between" folders

Maurizio Delmonte maurizio.delmonte at abstract.it
Wed Mar 21 14:07:15 UTC 2012

Hi Andreas,

just a quick note: did you notice that LinguaPlone (not sure about
plone.app.multilingual) handle correctly the translated contents when
translating the parent folder?

I mean:

you have a folder (call it "A", in "de" language) with no translated
siblings, you create some contents there (automatically "de" content), you
translate some content in a second language (say "en"), you get translated
contents in the same folder "A".

then you translate the folder "A" into "en", obtaining "B".. what happens
is that the content you got in "en" language will be moved to "B"

this is somehow "good", and does not need any further automatic
comprehension like what you are asking for, which to me depends on the use
case, and is perfectly feasible, but not "minimal".

something that I believe is missing from LinguaPlone (don't know about
plone.app.multilingual yet) is a viewlet where the user can quickly review
the situation of the content from a "translations point of view": it is not
only important to know which translations already exists (and this is quite
"hidden") for a specific content, but what is the translation situation of
its parent folder, which determines the effect you were pointing out.

let me know your thoughts :)


On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 9:31 AM, Andreas Jung <lists at zopyx.com> wrote:

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> Hi there,
> we are currently working in a large multi-lingual portal
> and we will use either LinguaPlone or plone.app.multilingual.
> The portal will be delivered with full content in DE to the customer.
> Translating the content to other languages is up to the customer.
> The current planning is to use dedicated language tree de/, en/ etc.
> for each language.
> While playing with both add-ons we came across the problem
> that if the editor decides to translate a content piece - assume
> de/firma/presse/pressmitteilung
> to a different language then both add-ons won't create
> a new content object under
> en/...../pressemitteilungen
> but the content will created inside the current content folder.
> This happens if the upper folders of the tree have not been
> translated yet to EN.
> Wouldn't it make sense to to create the folder hierarchy inside
> the destination language tree automatically inside providing
> this weird behavior?
> To make it more clear:
> Translating
> de/firma/presse/pressmitteilung
> to EN (with an empty en/ directory) would result in a
> hierarchy
> en/firma/presse/pressmitteilung
> Of course: translating/changing the short names and title for 'firma'
> and 'presse' would be up to the editor.


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