[Product-Developers] [ANN] New simplified product skeleton for Plone

Mikko Ohtamaa mikko+plone at redinnovation.com
Wed Mar 21 04:12:08 UTC 2012

> Cool ;-)
>> Did you have a look at the 'plone-customizations' egg provided by
>> plone-devstart? Wondering if it serves a somewhat similar purpose.
> Or my "hello plone": http://blog.aclark.net/2011/**08/20/hello-plone/<http://blog.aclark.net/2011/08/20/hello-plone/>
> .
> Actually, it's kind of nice to see a bunch of these similarly-aimed
> projects showing up.
Thanks. Eventually I believe we should adopt the approach which give the
least cruft and most pain-free developer experience.


Mikko Ohtamaa
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