[Product-Developers] collective.solr - indexing external source and merging results with Plone results

Tom Gross itconsense at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 15:55:28 UTC 2012

Hi Radim

Am 20.03.2012 13:24, schrieb Radim Novotny:
> Hi all,
> I'm testing collective.solr and it works nice with default Plone even
> with custom Dexterity based types.

cool :)

> I'd like to implement merged search results from Plone and from some SQL
> database. I already configured multicore SOLR server and
> DataImportHandler which imports the data to separate SOLR core than
> Plone items.
> I'd like to ask people who knows SOLR and c.solr if it is possible to
> 1) put DIH and Plone results to the same core (I think it should be
> possible, but I must not use "full-import" which cleans the index,
> right? What about c.solr reindex or sync ?

you can use "full-import" but you must use a preImportDeleteQuery (this 
is a solr query not an SQL one and defaults to *:*) in your config. See


> 2) process the results in Plone and display them as one set of results.
> I suppose some flag in SOLR result set which marks item as coming from
> Plone/SQL and use of IFlare interface, but I don't understand how to
> write additional adapter. Am I supposed to override PloneFlare adapter ?

This probably depends on your setup. I have a similar one but didn't 
have to override IFlare. I get mixed (solr & catalog) results right 
away. I had to extend the list of portal_types for the solr queries 
because this is set to the available portal_types if not specified.


> Thanks,
> Radim

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