[Product-Developers] collective.solr - indexing external source and merging results with Plone results

Radim Novotny novotny.radim at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 12:24:49 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I'm testing collective.solr and it works nice with default Plone even 
with custom Dexterity based types.
I'd like to implement merged search results from Plone and from some SQL 
database. I already configured multicore SOLR server and 
DataImportHandler which imports the data to separate SOLR core than 
Plone items.

I'd like to ask people who knows SOLR and c.solr if it is possible to
1) put DIH and Plone results to the same core (I think it should be 
possible, but I must not use "full-import" which cleans the index, 
right? What about c.solr reindex or sync ?

2) process the results in Plone and display them as one set of results. 
I suppose some flag in SOLR result set which marks item as coming from 
Plone/SQL and use of IFlare interface, but I don't understand how to 
write additional adapter. Am I supposed to override PloneFlare adapter ?


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