[Product-Developers] [ANN] collective.conference

David Glick davidglick at groundwire.org
Fri Mar 16 19:46:03 UTC 2012

On 3/14/12 2:31 AM, Khairil Yusof wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just announcing that with help of Fedora community volunteers, we're
> working on an add-on that provides all the features needed for a
> conference including registration, scheduling with multiple track (room)
> support.
> http://pypi.python.org/pypi/collective.conference/1.0a1
> https://github.com/inigoconsulting/collective.conference
> It will be good enough to manage a real event in the form of Fedora
> Users and Developer's Conference Asia-Pacific in May. It will include
> features like registration, tracking sponsorships, travel/accommodation
> etc. For scheduling it also has to be flexible enough to easily move
> sessions around barcamp style, including changing speakers.
> Early preview: http://fedora.my/events/fudconkl-testsite
Cool, thanks for sharing! Anything suggestions of improvements we could 
make to Dexterity that would have made the project easier?

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 davidglick at groundwire.org

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