[Product-Developers] ANN: plone-devstart (please help test)

Dan Jacka danjacka at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 21:15:24 UTC 2012

> I've tested as much as I can, but if this is to work out for a broader
> audience, we need lots of people to test. If you have a particularly
> messed up environment, I'd like to hear about it. :)

Hi Martin,

For kicks I tried plone-devstart.py on a RHEL5 machine with system 
Python 2.4.3. I expected to be told that I needed 2.6.

$ python plone-devstart.py devstarttest

Welcome to plone-devstart (version 0.2)
Enter a Plone version number [4.1]

* Checking for known good versions set at
    http://dist.plone.org/release/4.1/versions.cfg ...
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "plone-devstart.py", line 449, in ?
   File "plone-devstart.py", line 242, in main
     if not check_url(kgs_url):
   File "plone-devstart.py", line 113, in check_url
     connection = httplib.HTTPConnection(split.netloc, port=split.port)
AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'netloc'

Poking around, it looks like 2.4's urlparse.urlsplit returns a plain 
tuple with no 'netloc' or other attributes. [1]

Could plone-devstart.py check for a supported Python version (and fail 
with a nicer error message) before checking the KGS url?


[1] http://docs.python.org/release/2.4/lib/module-urlparse.html

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