[Product-Developers] ANN: plone-devstart (please help test)

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 20:01:48 UTC 2012

I think you need to look a bit more closely at what the script does before
passing judgment. I feel like your comment below misses the point.

On Tuesday, 13 March 2012, Alex Clark <aclark at aclark.net> wrote:
> On 3/10/12 5:15 PM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Somewhat inspired by the goals of the ``plone.api`` initiative and based
>> on the experience of seeing many, many people struggle to get a "safe"
>> Plone development up and running due to problems with polluted system
>> Python interpreters, missing libraries and confusing buildouts, I have
>> created a script called ``plone-devstart.py``.
> +0
> In the interest of stop energy (kidding)… but seriously: can we not go in
this direction, if at all possible? Or at least think out loud a bit more
before first.
> My thoughts:
> We've spent years getting Plone situated in a "nice" place within the
Python community. To address the concerns of the ``plone.api`` folks and
anyone that has trouble installing or developing add-ons for Plone, I would
strongly recommend that we adhere very closely to "Python best
> Now, I completely understand Martin's motivation here and may personally
be interested in trying plone-devstart.py to see what he has come up with.
But I don't think, at least my gut reaction tells me, that a
project-specific script is not what we need or want more of here[2].
> Think about it this way: the Plone project has very ambitious goals with
regard to CMS functionality, and a limited set of developers to accomplish
those goals. We don't want those resources spent on Python module
installation problems, if we can help it. Better to offload that problem to
the worldwide community of Python folks IMHO for "free" support.
> Alex
> [1] Support: "pip install -r 4.2.x.txt Plone" ASAP. Failures with this
process become "general Python failures" not "Plone specific failures".
Don't have PIL? "pip install Pillow" and so on. Let requirements.txt equal
versions.cfg in effect, and let's figure out how to build out a bunch of
zcml slugs without buildout. (Actually, with Pillow, it's probably now
"safe" to depend on it in the way we depend on Zope2. Installation problems
have been practically eliminated for all major OSes. The only "gotcha" is C
extensions, but Zope2 has those too. Oh and PIL's deps, but the Unified
Installer includes those for its purposes and anyone that can type "pip
install Plone" can probably type "{aptitude,brew,etc} install libjpeg-dev"
and so on.)
> [2] One exception may be if "pip install plone-devstart" were supported.
>> The idea is that you can use this to instantiate a new development
>> environment in a 'safe' way. It will perform some checks on your
>> environment to determine the likelihood of success. It then installs a
>> bunch of useful development tools, a basic deployment configuration, and
>> creates a simple (non-reusable) package where you can put your custom
>> Python code and templates.
>> For now it lives here: https://github.com/plone/plone-devstart/
>> It supports Plone 4.1, though I plan to add 4.2 support shortly.
>> You can download the one file you need here:
>> https://github.com/plone/plone-devstart/raw/master/plone-devstart.py
>> I've tested as much as I can, but if this is to work out for a broader
>> audience, we need lots of people to test. If you have a particularly
>> messed up environment, I'd like to hear about it. :)
>> Martin
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