[Product-Developers] collective.lineage - state. release? plans.

Jens W. Klein jens at bluedynamics.com
Mon Mar 5 11:54:42 UTC 2012

On 02.03.2012 09:30, Yuri wrote:
> Il 02/03/2012 02:28, Clayton Parker ha scritto:
>> On 3/1/12 5:06 AM, Jens W. Klein wrote:
>>> some weeks ago I fixed collective.lineage tests (and for use with plone
>>> 4.1) and moved it also to github collective.
>> I saw that, thank you!
>>> Now a release would be fine. It seems my direct mail to the author
>>> (claytron) does to not arrive so I try it this way:
>> I don't recall seeing an email come through. I've been trying to lurk in
>> #plone more often these days, you should be able to catch me in there.
>>> Can you please release it or give me permissions on pypi so I will
>>> release it?
>> We are planning to do a release soon.
>>> We're using lineage in several projects here at BlueDynamics Alliance.
>>> It has several advantages over just applying INavigationRoot.
>>> Also I'd like to get rid of the p4a.subtyper dependency. The same result
>>> can be reached with some simple actions - which could be controlled more
>>> fine-grained by permissions. Any opinions?
>> I'm certainly not opposed to this. Subtyper had some promise at the
>> time, but got the p4a stigmata and then never saw any updates. I was
>> thinking about getting rid of it the other day :D
> eea.facetednavigation did it some times ago, now uses an action +
> applyng interface.
> I don't think p4a.subtyper is bad itself, I think it does exactly the
> same but with some patching. I think the idea behind it was to unify
> that kind of action + apply an interface when this was not common practice.

That was my idea too. So I'll change this next time I need to touch 

regards Jens
Klein & Partner KG, member of BlueDynamics Alliance

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