[Product-Developers] Using LinguaPlone and plone.app.multilingual in the same site

Mike Rhodes mike at netsight.co.uk
Mon Jul 30 14:23:24 UTC 2012

I'll preface this by saying that I don't think I'm crazy.

We have an existing site using LinguaPlone with Archetypes. We have 
added some Dexterity content types which need to be translatable, so 
have added plone.app.multilingual to the site. This looks to have pulled 
in archetypes.multilingual, along with other things.

In the UI we now have two "Translate into..." menus, one from 
p.a.multilingual and one from LinguaPlone. I've poked around in the 
source and can't see anything immediately to help with fixing this. I'm 
not sure how to hide one of them, and can't find much documentation on 
the browser:menu directive.

We also have two language selector viewlets, but I think this is easier 
to solve as it'll not be too hard to write a viewlet which supports both 
LP and p.a.m.-managed content. Aside from this interface anomaly, I 
think things are working correctly.

- Has anyone else tried to use these two in the same site?
- Does anyone have an idea how to get the LP "Translate into"
   menu to show for Archetypes only, and the p.a.m. to appear
   for our new Dexterity ones?
- Failing that, is there a migration path from LP to p.a.m.?

Any other advice greatly appreciated!


0117 909 0901 (ext. 23)

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