[Product-Developers] modules using collective.subscribe ?

Sean Upton sdupton at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 22:06:59 UTC 2012

Hi Thomas,

collective.subscribe is potentially useful in concert with
collective.inviting (even if you ignore the UI bits from
collective.inviting).  A few caveats and issue to be aware of:

1. I implemented the storage for the subscription catalog (indexes per
named relation of principal<-->content -- as subsciber-signature-tuple
to UIDs) are stored in a local utility when used by
collective.inviting.  I am not happy with the risks associated with
this, and may soon change this to use annotations on the portal to
store the BTrees and replace the local utility with either an adapter
of the portal object or as a global adapter that uses getSite() to get
a venue for storage.  This has been the major blocker from me
releasing the uu.inviting package to PyPI (only on github at the
moment).  collective.subscribe itself has no pre-disposition as how
the persistent components for indexes are registered, only that they
are persistent objects somewhere inside a ZODB database.

2. The "signature" tuple storage format in collective.subscribe is
flexible enough to support both site members and guest users --
usually these are stored using a signature like ('email',
'me at example.com') versus ('member', 'myuserid').

3. Right now, the subscription that is indexed always assumes there is
a content item (or a UID-addressed object of some sort) that a
subscriber is subscribed to.  Other types of relationships really are
not supported (if you need something more flexible, maybe consider
zc.relation-based solution).


On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 8:22 AM, thomas desvenain
<thomas.desvenain at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I plan to use collective.subscribe as a dependency of a module i'm
> writing about subscribing users to digest notifications.
> collective.subscribe looks very good and very useful, but i'd like to
> see another product that uses it.
> do you know online examples of module using collective.subscribe as a
> dependency ?
> Thanks,
> Thomas
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