[Product-Developers] collective.composition needs a new name

Héctor Velarde hector.velarde at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 19:55:10 UTC 2012

On 29/06/12 20:46, Jon Stahl wrote:
> One FAQ: I see that this uses "latest greatest" technologies such as
> tiles, Deco's blocks renderer, etc.  Can you explain how this product
> relates to "Deco Lite" (e.g. plone.app.toolbar, etc.) and how they
> will play together (or not) in the future?

sorry for the delay but I ended up a little bit burned out after the 
sprint ;-)

before answering, and just for the records, I will quote Martin on a 
recent thread on Deco full and Deco lite:

"The difference between 'full' and 'lite' comes down to what happens to
the rendering of the rest of the page (e.g. do portlets get replaced
by tiles, does main_template get replaced by a bit of HTML with tiles
in it) and how much we refocus Plone's default content type story on a
smaller number of types (e.g. just page + file) with the differences
we see today between news item, event etc being seen more as a
difference of layout and metadata."

first I want to explain why we are creating this package: we need a 
solution suited for news and intranet sites. this kind of sites have 
special requirements on terms of permissions and versioning.

for instance, suppose you are running The Planet, a news site that has a 
bunch of editors focused on getting news on different topics like 
Economy, Health or Sports.

if you are the main publisher of the site, you may want to leave people 
working on the Economy section to take care of their content published 
on the front page, but you don't want that same people messing around 
the Sports section.

also, suppose you have the final game of the World Cup and the match is 
going to be defined on penalties: you may want to prepare a couple of 
cover pages and publish the right one focused on the team that won at 
the end.

this is the kind of issues we want to solve with this package; we are 
far from it, but that is the idea.

we want also the package to be very easy to use so, in case you don't 
need any of those advanced features, you can just ignore them.

we think the Plone community doesn't had anything like this, even as we 
respect a lot all the great job done in many other packages. we took 
ideas from all of them and we are trying to learn from what we think 
were mistakes.

obviously, the state of technology right now let us did some things way 
easier than a year ago and to take care of things that were not even 
mainstream, like responsiveness.

having said that, we want to play with plone.app.tollbar and all the 
other new stuff but we can't wait until it's stable. we appreciate a lot 
that Rok has stepped in taking care of this and we will love to see how 
to integrate it on future versions, but we have a project to complete 
before next August, and many more to come.

that's it.

we think that Deco full and Deco lite can learn now from our mistakes, 
so we can end with a much better UI story for Plone at the end.

in case anybody wants to dive further into the concept behind the 
package, please take a look at the mockups, I think they are really 
descriptive: https://simples.mybalsamiq.com/projects/capas/grid

and please feel free to download the development buildout and test it by 
yourselves: https://github.com/collective/collective.composition

we want to ear from you :-)

on the names, we are analyzing them and thinking about... we are going 
to open a poll.

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