[Product-Developers] DataGridField

Servilio Afre Puentes afrepues at rhpcs.mcmaster.ca
Thu Jul 5 15:23:27 UTC 2012

On Wed, 4 Jul 2012 22:58:00 -0300, Alejandro Pereira <alepereira86 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello guys.
> I'm having a problem with this product and think the problem that i
> will describe happend to someone sometime.
> The problem occurs when i want to keep empty rows. This product gives
> an option for this setting a variable called "allow_empty_rows" to
> true in the widget declaration.  The problem is that when i do that
> for some reason it doesn't store the empty rows.  *Example*: i add two
> rows with data then two empty more and save. When i edit the object,
> in the form shows me only the two rows that have data inside.  The
> same debugging the object with a pdb.
> Can someone give me some feedback about this?

Can you provide more information about the version of the add-on, Plone,
Zope, etc., that you are using? Also, if you could explain what is the
problem you are trying to solve with this add-on (and/or specifically
with this option of the add-on) we might be able to better.


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