[Product-Developers] Named vocabularies, dexterity, autocompletewidget...

"Joaquín R." globojorro at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 16:45:38 UTC 2012

Hey Paul,

  There are a bunch of already-made sources (not vocabularies per-se) 
available in plone.formwidget.contenttree. Those are all work with the 
widgets in plone.formwidget.autocomplete.

  You can also find vocabularies  that provide a .search() method in 
plone.app.vocabularies, although I'm not sure that they work with the 
widget. Let us know if you find out.


El 16/01/12 10:24, Paul Roeland escribió:
> anybody have tips on what is the recommended way to handle named
> vocabularies in dexterity that need to be searchable?
> The dexterity manual explains how to put vocabularies in for instance
> plone.app.registry
> All fine and dandy, but these don't provide a 'search' method then,
> which makes them unfit for
> plone.formwidget.autocomplete.AutocompleteFieldWidget
> of course, I could probably manually write a search method for each of
> them, but that feels very redundant.
> Or am I on the wrong track, and is there some other solution people
> recommend?
> Paul Roeland
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