[Product-Developers] Geospatial search with Plone (neighborhood search)

Giorgio Borelli giorgio at giorgioborelli.it
Wed Feb 29 17:47:26 UTC 2012


Il giorno 29/feb/2012, alle ore 16.34, ajung ha scritto:
> We have a database with roughly 10k locations within Germany, Austria and
> Swiss.
> We need to build a neighborhood search as part of a Plone application and I
> don't want to use an external GIS database. plone.org lists roughly 40
> add-ons - hard to make a decision.
> Each location has each own postal address and geo coordinates.
> The user can enter the ZIP code and the radius to search around (we can map
> the ZIP code to coordinates already)...the question is which add-on gives me
> the functionality
> of a neighborhood search? Ideally the result should be displayed in Google
> Maps (or some something similar).

I can suggest to use collective.geo to manage georeferenced data and develop a subscriber for 
IGeoreferencedEvent (you can find it in collective.geo.geographer package) to store this data in external 'catalog'
that provides a simple spatial index as mongodb or solr for instance.

You also have to develop a map widget (see. collective.geo.mapwidget) to query the external catalog.

Somebody have developed a spatial index for Zcatalog (https://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/collective.geo.index)
but I never tried it. You can find more information here - http://www.coactivate.org/projects/collectivegeo/lists/collectivegeo-discussion/archive/2011/07/1310141136719/forum_view


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