[Product-Developers] c.googleanaltics and INavigation root

Mike Metcalfe mike at webtide.co.za
Wed Feb 29 10:08:49 UTC 2012


I have created a product that contains a plugin for c.googleanalytics that
provides extra member information as custom vars. I've deployed it in a
Plone 3 site with top folders that act as subsites by using INavigationRoot
and nginx to render a different diazo skin for each subsite.  GA reports
now shows the page urls starting from the navroot and not the site root,
which makes sense. But it means I cannot tell which subsite the user
visited. I see two possible solutions (a) add a full path custom var or (b)
add a full path setting to IAnalytics and use it to determine which path to
provide. Does anyone have other ideas?


Mike Metcalfe

082 903 8268
mike at webtide.co.za
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