[Product-Developers] Layout problem: Plone seeing a "ghost" portlet?

espen espen at medialog.no
Mon Feb 20 10:05:15 UTC 2012

If you look at the source, can you see what portlet it is

do you seen something like:
<dl class="portlet somePortlet">

If there is nothing there, could it be that some (customized) css  is defining the colums, something like.
#portal-column-content { width: 500px !important}

(in other words, there are no portets / no column two, but the other columns have fixed widths)

Do you have an URL

Den 17. feb. 2012 kl. 17.02 skrev Maarten Nieber [via Plone]:

> Hi, 
> Plone is apparently reserving space on the right side of the screen for a 
> portlet. However, I only have a portlet on the left side. 
> The rendered template contains this HTML code 
>     <div id="portal-column-content" class="cell width-1:2 position-1:4"> 
> which was put there by the function getColumnsClass of class SunBurstView: 
>     elif sl and sr: 
>         # In case we have both columns, content takes 50% of the whole 
>         # width and the rest 50% is spread between the columns 
>         return "cell width-1:2 position-1:4" 
> I proceeded by requesting the @@manage-portlets view on my page, and it only 
> shows one portlet. 
> Any idea why Plone thanks there are two portlets, whereas there is (AFAIK) only 
> one? 
> Thanks! 
> Maarten 
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