[Product-Developers] PloneBooking revival

Gilles Lenfant gilles.lenfant at alterway.fr
Fri Feb 17 17:40:47 UTC 2012

PloneBooking revival


This mail is intended to Products.PloneBooking maintainers who made the
Plone 4 branch.

I noticed that users "keul", "tmog" and "micmord" have been working for
nearly one year on this branch. But there is still no release of this
branch and this product is more popular than I expected. As I'm a lazy guy,
and I did not participate to this branch, and suggested users to test this
branch and provide feedback.

I have now enough positive feedback to :

1) Merge this branch to the trunk
2) Make a 3.0a1 release of Products.PloneBooking

I need some additional information before going on this :

Does this branch still work with Plone 3 ?

Is it tested against Plone 4.1 ?

This release will be the last one tagged on svn.plone.org/collective. The
project sources will then move to github.com/collective.

Thanks in advance to "keul", "tmog", "micmord" (and others ?) for their

Gilles Lenfant
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