[Product-Developers] How attached to POI issue trackers are we?

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Fri Feb 17 01:43:00 UTC 2012

Op 08-02-12 20:42, Jon Stahl schreef:
> Hi all-
> A hypothetical question for all of you add-on product developers out there...
> I am doing some high-level thinking (which I will be sharing soon)
> about the future architecture for add-on product data in plone.org,
> and one question that's occurred to me is whether we are at a point
> where we can deprecate our POI issue trackers in favor of
> externally-hosted issue trackers, such as those provided by Github.
> Is anybody on this list still actively using their POI/PSC issue
> tracker on plone.org?  If we were to set a "deprecation date" with,
> say, a couple months' notice, would that pose a major hardship?
> I'd love to hear your thoughts.  To repeat: no decisions have been
> made, I'm just floating a trial balloon.

Hi Jon and others,

I don't always read the mailing lists every day or week, so I am coming 
to this a bit late. :-)  I will add some thoughts here as the current 
maintainer of Poi.

I think the Poi trackers on plone.org work just fine.  I am not aware of 
big problems.  If you do have problems, please report them in this 
thread or in this fine issue tracker on plone.org. :-)

That said, the issue trackers on github work just fine too.  I use both.

I work for Zest Software and we use Poi on our projects site.  I know 
two other Dutch Plone companies that use it too.  So Poi is not going 
away or be unmaintained any time soon.

So: I see no immediate reason to deprecate the Poi trackers on 
plone.org.  But I don't mind much if that does happen.

I could probably write an exporter, or give feedback and assistance to 
someone else doing that.  I did not immediately notice an issue importer 
on github though.  Is there such a tool on github or on other popular 
platforms that offer issue trackers?


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