[Product-Developers] How attached to POI issue trackers are we?

Ross Patterson me at rpatterson.net
Fri Feb 10 00:38:25 UTC 2012

Dylan Jay <djay at pretaweb.com> writes:

> On 09/02/2012, at 6:42 AM, Jon Stahl wrote:
>> Hi all-
>> A hypothetical question for all of you add-on product developers out
>> there...
>> I am doing some high-level thinking (which I will be sharing soon)
>> about the future architecture for add-on product data in plone.org,
>> and one question that's occurred to me is whether we are at a point
>> where we can deprecate our POI issue trackers in favor of
>> externally-hosted issue trackers, such as those provided by Github.
>> Is anybody on this list still actively using their POI/PSC issue
>> tracker on plone.org?  If we were to set a "deprecation date" with,
>> say, a couple months' notice, would that pose a major hardship?
>> I'd love to hear your thoughts.  To repeat: no decisions have been
>> made, I'm just floating a trial balloon.
> What problem are you trying to solve by removing them?
> If they aren't creating a maintenance nightmare for plone.org
> maintainers and product owners can have the option of specifying an
> external bug-tracker (which I believe they do) then isn't more trouble
> removing them than keeping them?

Every bit of software we use on plone.org has to be supported and
maintained by core plone developers.  I can attest to the cost of this
having worked on upgrading older AT add-ons to support stuff on
*.plone.org.  IOW, every bit of software we use on plone.org demands
energy from the developer community comparable to maintaining core plone
itself, not a small cost.

So I think it's the kind of situation where while it may cost more today
to deprecate, it absolutely costs more over time.  Poi has been given a
good long life and I think it's very appropriate and wise to start the
end-of-life process for it's availability on plone.org (to be clear, has
nothing to do with Poi's life outside of plone.org).

I think the other big win here would be a better overall add-on
experience for our users by using an external, more feature-ful and more
mature issue tracker.

Thanks for pursuing this, Jon.


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