[Product-Developers] Stuck overriding a stock Ploine viewlet...

Gilles Lenfant gilles.lenfant at alterway.fr
Wed Feb 8 18:05:01 UTC 2012


Sorry for the disturbance, but I'm actually stuck overriding a standard
viewlet of Plone (4.1): The "plone.links.RSS" that goes in the HTML head.

Though I carefully read and practiced the tutorial
always have the original Plone viewlet from plone.app.layout.links.

Some pointers that show how I did this :

My component's layer :

Its installation through GenericSetup works correctly since it shows in ZMI
in the "Components" tab of the Plone site.

The ZCML registration of the viewlet including that layer selector:

The viewlet class itself:

I'm stuck finding why this does not work as expected (the original viewlet
is rendered in place of my custom viewlet). Any help is welcome. And so
many thanks by advance for any pointer.

Gilles Lenfant
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